Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Woodchuck

Frequency:  Common
SIZE:  Medium
HD:  1-2 (d8)
MOVE:  9ft
AC:  12
ATTACK:  Bite (1d3) or by weapon type
SAVES:  Physical
INT:  Average
TYPE:  Animal
XP:  5 + 1/hp

As adventurer:  +1 strength/-1 dexterity

Woodchucks, otherwise known as ground hogs or whistle pigs, are the largest of the marmot family. They tend to be rather heavy set and stocky. They have brown fur with slightly grayish tips, a black nose, and small rounded ears. They also have large front teeth. They like to make their homes by burrowing into the sides of an open hilly area near trees and brush. If it strikes their fancy, they will build a small mud hut instead going underground, but this is pretty rare. They feed mostly on green, leafy plants and nuts, but will eat insects as well. Despite their roly-poly appearance, they are good swimmers and tree climbers. They keep a constant lookout and can be quite aggressive to strangers - often challenging others to a fight, but not to the death. If danger is sighted, they will give out a warning bark or whistle. Although roaming is not in their nature, woodchucks will sometimes get the adventuring bug and will go off looking for riches and whatever comes their way.

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